About us


To transform the social development land scape of the country with focus on education, health, economic, upliftment, women empowerment and disaster management.

It aim at a society where creativity will have free reign without vulgarity. Prosperity would not mean deprivation for masses. Affluence would not result in disparities. Cultural refinement would result in a humane and compassionate society with age and gender-specific care and opportunities for the women, the elderly and the disabled.


Our Mission is to serve the humanity by providing the equal access to food, health, education and shelter and all other basic necessities that equip individuals to become an equal partner in the progress of the nation. It will therefore aim at reaching the grassroots with distinct preference for the depressed and the disadvantaged sections and will enable them to attain all that a common citizen cherishes. It will free the society from hunger, ignorance, deprivation and exploitation.