Teaching Learning Academy

Introduction about TLA its objectives links to current activities.

In the world of diversities, disparities and discretion it is very challenging to mould the future generation. Education is one of the most ideal tool for transformation. Therefore it is being used by industries, market forces and bureaucracy for preparing working human resources. But for us education means, transforming a child through continues learning process so that they can acquire practice and propagate knowledge and become the best of human beings and viceregent on earth.

As per the international survey report of OECD-PISA India ranked 72nd in the list of 73 nations of the world. Though the RTE act of 2009 is introduced by the Indian Government and combined efforts of public-private institutions performance and ranking is at number 2 position from the bottom. We have 12.7% of single teacher government schools and 39.1% of two teachers schools apart from mushroom private teaching stalls. Efforts have increased the percentage of enrollment up to 95% but drastically decreased the quality of Education in our Indian schools.

Creating Impact in Classrooms

In the given circumstances it was felt that community initiative is must though the government is making efforts in training good teachers. Hyderabad is a place with shortage of teachers both dedicated nd with integrated Islamic Personality.

“The greatest investment that a community can do is on the preparation of good teachers. A community bond to pregress if it has abundant number of teachers.”

The Teaching Learning Academy (Regd.) was a humble start in this direction in the year 2012. TLA provides short term teachers training program of 3 months duration for the untrained private schools and for aspiring teachers.

The curriculum covers the subjects like child psychology, teaching methodology, smart classroom management and school management apart from English proficiency classes including safety and first aid programs. The program is flexible and it accommodates the modern needs of teaching.

At this pilot project at Standard Public High School, Khilwat, Hyderabad about 120 teachers were trained in the last one year with 30 teachers per batch.

TLA has good young, talented and resource trainers. It has its own academic modules as intellectual property and is ready to replicate more TLA’s in other parts of Hyderabad and other muslim concentrated districts of AP. Tolichowki, Musheerabad and Chandrayangutta would be the future branches in our list of expansion. The basic survey and feasibility report is prepared and correspondents of different private schools have offered their premises to establishing our short term teachers training institute.

TLA is an associate of Human Welfare Foundation Andhra Pradesh. HWF prefers to establish self sustaining community development modules. The establishment cost and the recurring expenditure for first two years will be borne by the donors of HWF, thus supporting the institution till its capable to stand on its own..