Human & Civil Rights

Mostly we see the weaker sections in society open to human rights violations because they lack awareness in legal maters. There is a huge need for training the para legal activist and general public about their Human and civil rights.



  1. To promote & protect the human rights & civil rights of people especially the weaker sections of societies and minorities.
  2. To provide Legal Aid to the victims of human rights violation.
  3. To provide training to Para Legal Activist.
  4. Law awareness among the masses and involves the on various socio legal issues.



  1. Establishment of district level PCR committees.
  2. Establishment of legal aid & support center at Mandal level in association with Legal Services Authority of India.
  3. Conducting awareness campaign about civil rights.
  4. Training of 1000 Para Legal Activists.

Fact finding mission to the events of human rights violation.