Health Care

Health care sector has many big hospitals but that are mainly commercial and cater to a select audience of society. A large part of the current society cannot afford all the medical needs and facilities. A strong effort is needed in this area.


  1. To take initiatives for promoting healthy life style and public health system in Muslims and other socially and economically backward communities.
  2. To pursue the govt. for providing adequate provision of grants for increasing the health profile of India.
  3. To supplement medical services to the population in dire need.


  1. 100 medical camps
  2. 10 community primary health care centres.
  3. 3 Specialty hospitals.
  4. One diagnostic lab in Hyderabad.
  5. One multispecialty hospital in Hyderabad.
  6. One medical information and facilitation centre in Hyderabad.

Health awareness program through lectures, discussions and literature.

Human Welfare Foundation has established 3 Health centers as of now:

Hajira Medical Centre in Nellore Andhra Pradesh

Ruman Medical Centre in Karimnagar Telangana

Seva Medical Centre in Warangal Telangana