Mutually Aided Cooperative Credit Society Ltd – MACCS


  1. To promote economic and social upliftment of its members through thrift, self-help and mutual aid in accordance with principles of cooperation and welfare.
  2. To provide financial and other services to the members at nominal services charges.
  3. No interest as such shall be levied on such loans and advances to members.
  4. Under takes such activities which develop education, skills, social and moral status of the member.
  5. Membership: any person above 18 years of age who abide the bylaws of the society shall be made as the member.

A member has to do the following things:

  1. Purchase a minimum amount of society shares.
  2. Should pay the admission fee, open an account and shall pay annual regular fee.
  3. All members shall have equal access to all the benefits from the society

Types of accounts:

  1. Daily deposits: Under this account member can save their money through daily deposits. A person appointed by the branch shall collect the amount at member doorstep.
  2. Saving account: Under this account member can save money through saving account.
  3. Term deposits: Member who want to serve there fellow members can deposit their amount for a period in multiple of six months.

Type of Loan:

  1. Demand loan: Member can take loan for the non-business activities by keeping gold as guarantee.
  2. A nominal service charges will be collected from the loanies.
  3. Murabaha (cost plus loan): Under this scheme, Bank will provide the business commodities as per the requirement of the applicant to an extent of 50,000(including a margin of profit) and collect the amount in easy installments.

All process and procedure followed are just like other banks.


S.No. Name Branch Designation Phone Email
1 Mr. Asif Khan Adilabad Branch Manager 8019319353
2 Mr. Mujtaba Khan Bidar Branch Manager 9341785466
3 Mr. Asif Mohiyuddin Charminar Branch Manager 9542186688
4 Mr. Syed Abdul Wadood Falaknuma Branch Manager 8686637774
5 Mr. Haji Siddiqi Gajwel Branch Manager 9676589772
6 Mr. Shaikh Mohammed Yousuf Guntur Branch Manager 7093254354
7 Mr. Mujahid Mohiyuddin Ichoda Branch Manager 8341742901
8 Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Kaghaznagar Branch Manager 9347376966
9 Mr. Umair Ahmed Khan Karimnagar Branch Manager 6309699735
10 Mr. Abraar Ali Khammam Branch Manager 9948991336
11 Mr. Mohammed Arif Mahbubnagar Branch Manager 9059891168
12 Mr. Khader Ali Khan Medak Branch Manager 9000602634
13 Mr. Rizwan Khan Nirmal Branch Manager 9849806146
14 Mr. Imran Khan Nizamabad Branch Manager 8309106444
15 Mr. Syed Wajahathullah Ayaz Peddapally Branch Manager 9491665660
16 Mr. Mohammed Sanaullah Sadasivpet Branch Manager 9966857569
17 Mr. Fareedus Saqalain Sangareddy Branch Manager 9440939107
18 Mr. Haji Siddiqi Siddipet Branch Manager 9676589772
19 Mr. Mohammed Khairun Nasireen Subedari Branch Manager 9866574084
20 Mr. Anwar Hussain Tandur Branch Manager 9985055425
21 Mr. Farhan Ahmed Khan Tolichowki Branch Manager 9550276418
22 Mr. Syed Abdul Khadeer Warangal Branch Manager 9490090417
23 Mr. Nizamuddin Zaheerabad Branch Manager 9177024288


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