Khidmat – Sadasivpet

Branch Name: Khidmat – Sadasivpet 
A Mutually Aided Cooperative Credit Society
(Registration No.   AMC/MDK/DCO/2011/1904)

Mutually Aided Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd.
# 3-8-74 Opp: HP Petrol Bunk Main Road,
Sadasivpet, Dist. Medak. Telangana

Contact Person: Ashwaq Patel, BMC President:  09030401664


Types of accounts:

  1. Daily deposits: Under this account member can save their money through daily deposits. A person appointed by the branch shall collect the amount at member doorstep.
  2. Saving account: Under this account member can save money through saving account.
  3. Term deposits: Member who want to serve there fellow members can deposit their amount for a period in multiple of six months.

Type of Loan:

  1. Demand loan: Member can take loan for the non-business activities by keeping gold as guarantee.
  2. A nominal service charges will be collected from the loanies.
  3. Murabaha (cost plus loan): Under this scheme, Bank will provide the business commodities as per the requirement of the applicant to an extent of 50,000(including a margin of profit) and collect the amount in easy installments.